• Mint


    This very minty jelly has a splendid flavour. It is excellent for glazing carrots, peas or new potatoes.

    £ 2.80
  • Rosemary Jelly

    Rosemary Jelly

    Made with fresh rosemary and sharpened with lemon juice, this jelly has a wonderful herby taste and texture. It makes a brilliant glaze for baby turnips, carrots and new potatoes.

    £ 2.80
  • Damson Jelly

    Damson Jelly

    Intitially a seasonal product, this jelly was so popular that we added it to our main range. It has a strong, fruity flavour and is perfect with fowl or game. A spoonful in gravies is also delicious!

    £ 3.49
  • Redcurrant Jelly

    Redcurrant Jelly

    The traditional accompaniment for lamb, this jelly is also excellent in gravies and with hot ham. It is, of course, straightforwardly great on toast or bread and butter!

    £ 2.80
  • Red Pepper & Chilli

    Red Pepper & Chilli

    A sweet foretaste merges into a spicy aftertaste to make this a marvellous tracklement for hot or cold white meats. It is both visually and gastronomically excellent as a glaze for root vegetables or sweetcorn.

    £ 2.95
  • Crabapple


    £ 3.15